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Book - "The Light of Our Beingness - I Am that You Are!..."

Written by Anca Mihaela Bruma

Copyright © 2016 Anca Mihaela Bruma 

Front and back cover ARTWORK by Dorina Costras 

Copyright © 2016
Interior Layout by Susan Joyner-Stumpf of Wildfire Publications

Interior Artwork by Dorina Costras 

Copyright © 2016 

Note: This is a full COLORED poetry book, including as well
Dorina's Costras paintings, which depict so well my own writings.

Product Details

First Edition
January 9, 2016
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Full color
0.45 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
6 wide x 9 tall


Front Cover
Artwork by Dorina Costras
Graphic design by Anca Mihaela Bruma
and Susan Joyner-Stumf

Back Cover

Graphic design by Anca Mihaela Bruma
and Susan Joyner-Stumf

All of the material contained in this book is the original work of the author. No part of this book may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the author. First published 2016 by Lulu Press (lulu.com) 3101 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, NC 27607 Printed in the United States of America All rights reserved. 

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Contact Information: 
Website: http://marmoset16.wix.com/ancabruma 
Email: anca.mihaela.coach@gmail.com
"The Light of Our Beingness - I Am that You Are!..."


I dedicate this book to everyone! May your sense of understanding benefit your deepest needs and wishes. My heartfelt thanks to each person who truly believes and supports me wholeheartedly! I would also like to thank Dorina Costras, whose art I have used in my book, for her astonishing talent and amazing support.


 ~ by Susan Joyner-Stumpf, Wildfire Publications ~ 

When I think of Anca’s Poetry, and the Artist behind the words, the first thing that comes to mind is: Ascension. Ascension means “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.” Higher level applies to me. With each word that Anca writes, I recognize a newer vibration. 

When you listen to her reciting her poetry, it is quite a transcendent journey. It is almost like an out-of-body-experience, for you feel like you are going into a trance from simply her lightessence and mystical, angelic, melodious voice that enters your being and from there, we become aware that, when we create, we become Oneness in the Divine Order, even in a world strewn wild with bits and pieces. We come together, singular fractals beneath an ever-watching God-smile. 

Anca gives voice to words that have flown from all the selves that ever have been and ever will be, Eternal-ness. Within the power of her poetic tool, she can take a flame and you recognize its burning; she catches a whisper and screams it into existence. All the Everythings, that Happiness, Love, Loss and Self-Revelation Was and IS gathered there, in your thought processes, in that one fleeting moment, spreading its immortal seed so that others can spiritually prosper from lyrical art come to Life! The Sublime and Ethereal Qualities of her work allure you in their cosmic tracks - amazing beyond description. 

There is nothing tangent that comes close to her - she is a Universe within herself. Her language power is pure and divine Real-ness because she has just the right magic to step into emptiness and make it whole once more. 


~ by James Cairns ~ 

One cannot help but be pulled into the gravity of the artist’s poetry. The power inherent in her lines will strike out at you, and cast you into infinities of multi-dimensionality of timeless time and endless space: a quantum view of nature and life. 

As a young girl the artist was already tuning into the transformation of life forces all around her, and began to transfer these observations to page - a quest, she knew, would have no end. 

The geometrical patterns of nature were beckoning to her, and the mathematical structure of life was pleading for her attention. 

“… I subtracted myself with so much ability, 
Transition of angles and sides became plurality, 
Remembrances arose from me with complexity.” 
(Soul Cosmology) 

It was only after leaving her homeland that these shapes and transformations began to take shape and complete their puzzle … the artist could see the picture forming and drew strength from it. She saw meaning where others could only see disharmony and disunity. 

Anca’s mission is to help others complete their own life puzzle, to know themselves, find themselves, and thus her writings are infused with messages of hope, lattices of love, the priceless pearls of wisdom, and utterances of joy in self-discovery. 

She has a holistic approach to her works, acquired over the years through reading literary classics and studying the works of transcendental thinkers and seers such as Rumi and Hafiz, who so well depict a higher consciousness and wisdom in their search for the meaning of Life. 

“… Yes! … I am here … and I can hear 
all these mental asymmetrical matrices 
as an Ancient soul 
living a contemporary odyssey …” 
(Cyberspaced Truths) 

Anca is a firm believer in the ‘total artist,’ and synthesizes her own view of how she visualizes and interacts with the world, by blending the arts, and bending the fundamental rules of these arts for the sake of art itself. She has creatively transformed her own writings into a visual art, in much the same fashion that Débussy and Stravinsky reformed the structural principles of music, replacing them with structural visualizations of art. 

“… No meta-logic … nor extra-language … 
You rose above the canons of False and True, 
passing through the song and rhythm of your own life, 
while Infinity found shelter in the depths of your eyes …” 

Anca brings renewed hope into our lives through a healing by words, where colors are as vibrant as those of a vibrant rainbow of new beginnings and fresh starts, where patterns shift and collide and the geometric shapes of life assemble and re-assemble in mathematical purity and perfection. 

“… Echoed Time graciously bleeds rainbows 
of your pixelated soul! 
Intoxicated violets hide 
in the sweetness of our kiss!“ 
(Ethereal Awareness) 

The lyrics of her poetry are as rhythmical notes on musical bars revealing the psalms of life in sweet adagios, concertos of chaos and powerful symphony whose final crescendos sweep us into eternal bliss, surrealism and universal dimensions of exquisite transcendental realization of the circle of life. 

“… Mature circumstances demanded to write my manuscript, Practicing arpeggios, it was my only way how to depict, 
With white spaces and forgotten dreams, it was my script …” 
(My Transcript) 

Exploring the linguistic boundaries and the overlap between poetry and cosmology, Anca freely punctuates and conjugates episodes of time in her works to reflect her vision on the phases of life and the universe, and we are released from all limitations into an expanse of cosmic awareness, of infinite semantic possibilities where all the beautiful swirling components shape and re-shape themselves, combine and re-combine till at last we witness the eternal universal truth, as if being re-born, resurrected in a new form of being. 

“… Time meets Time, where beginning never ends ... 
Within an hour of Eternity 
Time plays its silent symphony 
in breathing echoes 
of the eternal recurrence … “ 
(Hour Of Eternity) 

“… I forget to put commas and full stops overnight, 
Historia bivalente has been brought to the spotlight! 
As a fraction of our Existence is perplexed into the sunlight, 
And a chorus of dreams repeat psalms under starlight!“ 
(Light Of Knowingness) 

As much as we may feel pain, deception in love, the hurt of past experience, the artist invites us to embrace those moments, to gain strength from them, to then take the path she has followed and to finally unburden ourselves of them and walk into the light of healing with her, a light she wishes to share with us all. Her poetry is a tribute to the rich and common world heritage of poetry which unites people through the themes of humanity, spirituality, mysticism, and the search for the inner truth on the journey of life … “The end is where we start from”... (T.S. Eliot – “Little Gidding”). 

“… And I crave for volumes of light 
in this glaring darkness of hope 
succumbing throes of cacophonous silence 
cocooned in webs of deceit 
awaiting the promised resurrection.“ 
(Cathartic Eclipse) 


~ by Anca Mihaela Bruma ~ 

I like to "label" my own writings as being "sensually mystique" or "mystically sensual", a tool and path for women to claim their own inner feminine powers. This is the main leitmotif in my lyrical writings. Through my writings I try to surpass what some would consider the limitations of human beings, but I always emphasize the essence of the Woman, of the Goddess. 

The main theme, Love, is basically presented as a transformative experience in life, the energizing force in the universe, empowering the creative female. 

When I write, I see it like a painting in front of my eyes, using lots of symbolism and allegory in order to capture the infinite intelligence, catching the reflections of Truth with a strong mystic sense of Infinity, of the boundless, of the breaking out of the world of our normal finite expressions into the transcendental. Like an "architect" of a language I "build" a language within a language, a universe within another universe, using vivid, sometimes surreal, imagery which gives the poetry a transcending feeling. I shall say that my lyrical writings could be likened to a spiritual autobiography, depicting a reality behind all forms, with no space and time, a quantum view of Existence. 

Right now, I see my writings as a form of being present inside the language, a paradigm of living which is encoded in the message itself, like a poetic consciousness with a spherical view of nature, life, and love. It is related to a realization of the greater self, beyond the mundane and well known laws of the society, as an expression of both the rational and the intuitive, in a concise form of poetry, increasing awareness with new expanded meanings. 

My main inspiration in my writings is to: find yourself, KNOW yourself, with and within all your aspects of life, and manifestations of your own Being. 

Throughout time, LOVE, in its many forms has been an inspiration for countless mystics, who seek to capture the experiences in its mystical embrace. By developing a spiritual LOVE, one can reach into the deep layers of the soul, and sense its greatness and grace. In all my poems, I describe AGAPE, (a Greek word for the Biblical Godly Love). It is the kind of love which only God possesses, and not the conditioned human kind of love, based on return or response. 

This Godly type of Love is unmovable and unshakable, and only changes to evolve. The whole book is a love story of lovers whose love has survived the ages of human history, reborn every time to find again each other, as part of the world event. 

Agape-love develops your conscious self, your higher intelligence, it is a tantalizing creative force, stronger than any other forces and each and every poem describes that intense affectivity, ardent and zealous, taking the form of the divine. 

As for me, I take these inward steps every day, a continuous resurrection and revival, an inner Exodus. I allow Life to come from behind me and surprise me, and by this process I allow my own self to bloom, but remain aware of this fragile Existence, a “timeless Ethereality.” The sacredness of my own Being “screams” for the pathos of Love as “essences of your insights swing the Eternity on the edge of my Being.” In this sacred “unspoken” space, my own poetry bleeds out in rainbows and in intoxicated pixelated violets sealed by our “sweet kiss.” 

This spiritual relationship has no conditions attached to it and cannot fade with Time, in fact Time and Space cease to exist. This is not a mundane Love, of the sub-Self, but the perception of Love by Soul, a place where traits of the body are non-existent. 

I see Pathos here as a sign of Freedom, a mysterious impulse towards my own wholeness, full of Grace, creating opportunities for Self knowledge. 

The poems describe the consuming longing of the lover as well as that lover’s interior, extended beyond love itself, but in Harmony with the totality of Reality. To experience such Pathos would bring a sense of liberation from the mundane, and maturity in understanding Life beyond law and customs. These very same conditions are necessary for my own evolvement towards wholeness. 

All the poems emphasize the main theme of change and challenge: creative change, spiritual change and relational transformation. 

I use my lyrical writings as a poetic guidance, a longing for a more meaningful life, a renewed relationship with the Divine. My poems represent the seasons of life and passage of Time, a spiritual adventure where the highest understanding of Unity is the key. The writing radiates a secret timeless knowledge about the Mystery of cyclical change, the interconnection and fusion at the same time between Life and Death, the inner turmoil during this spiritual “adventure” and its revelations, explored with complex and laconic elegance. It is highly evocative writing, reflecting deeply on the challenges of Life, providing spiritual solace that transcends traditional understanding; a longing for meaning, for metamorphosis of Life, Love of your own Being (“Every step is birth, every step is death.” Hermann Hesse “Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte”). 

The theme of futility and impermanence is used frequently, requiring that I reconcile myself with myself, harvest a lifetime of learning, get that sense of fulfillment and richness, let go and discard those things which no longer serve my purpose. 

Life takes on a new meaning for me, becoming deeper, more acute, more complete, an opportunity to go beyond the surface of my own Life and learn about my own Self and the inner purpose of all things. There becomes a need to balance the light and darkness within my being, and to learn how to live with or without it. All the writings are like a calling for wisdom to spring forth eternally within myself over and over again, each time newly fragranced, newly seasoned, continuously and ceaselessly rejuvenated!

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Poem sample from the book

I Feel You!...

I feel you in everything...
in the glorious nights inside your incandescent eyes
where butterflies knit my dreams and compass my heartbeats.

I feel you in everything...
while resting your sigh in the corner of a letter
and the blue grass kneels at the border between dream and spring.

I feel you in everything...
in the rhythmical sunsets of your absences and prologues,
within your unspoken words turned into sleepless stones.

I feel you in everything...
when I conjugate your breath with my acoustic verses,
in the silence of your footsteps, on the tip of my eyes.

I feel you in everything...
when I swallow the octave of your presence,
a fluorescent beauty rustling in theatrical infuses.

I feel you in everything...
in all scarlet concentric moments of the past,
in the euphoric tempo of samsaric and philharmonic sensations.

I feel you in everything...
in all your silent similarities and rippled reflections,
when your thoughts are juxtaposed with the pattern of my breathing.

I feel you in everything...
when your restlessness rotates inside my lyrical veins
and I wonder behind my face highlighting your insights.

I feel you in everything...
during all echoless autumns and multiplied mornings,
when you come to resurrect me from my own lasting winter.

I feel you in everything...
when I write this letter now and seal it with a kiss!
Mon chéri! It has been grown inside my heart!...

(Anca Mihaela Bruma - 12th February, © 2015)

Artwork by Dorina Costras

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