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Interview with Fahredin Shehu by Anca M. Bruma


Short bio: Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. Graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. Actively works on Calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific for of plastic art. In fifteen years he operated as Independent Scientific Researcher in the field of World Spiritual Heritage and Sacral Esthetics. He won many literary awards in Kosovo and abroad. He is Laureate of Gold Medal for Poetry as Brodge to Nations- Axlepin Publishing- Philippines. He is Director of International Poetry Festival: “Poetry and Wine”, in Kosovo

What is your writing about?
I was struggling to find a balance between scientific research and artistic creation concentrating in Poetry. Focusing on the quality of writing followed by experience that is difficult to describe surely is not an easy endeavor. Writing as Vine Arbor to grafting it…to remove excess until purity is achieved, just as gold when going through fire to remove even rare rust. To write as we are silent, as we are alone and do things in solitude.
What is the relation of Man to the relation and to the Creator? What is his Correspondence? What is Art and its difference with the Craft? What is Theurgy and its difference with Revelation? The questions one addresses to himself and the burst of this manifests as output via Poetry.

What does poetry mean to you?
Conditionally said unfortunately it is a Word and necessarily resembles to other writing since there’s no other medium on that scale so the message may telepathically be conveyed to the one who receipt it. The highest form of Art is called Poetry, perhaps because we lack a proper notion to express what I really is.
Poetry for me uses Metaphor and Description, Logic and Emotion. Personally I use the entire being- Word or Number- Sufi Jaffr and Kabbalah’s Sefirot, Sound and Color, Logic and Intuition, Visible, Semi-Visible and Invisible, Sonorous, Semi- sonorous and Silent, Elements of Nature, Vegetation, Animal, Human, Love and Not-Love, Yes, Do and No of De Bono, Koan or Sutra, Art and Craft to emancipate it into the level of Theurgy. This is not eclecticism these are bricks and tools to build the Tower of POETRY or better said The Temple.

Building the Altar

The trustees have been assembled
The man, Homo Faber, Homo Gnosticus,
The Theurgist Angeloid, Eudemon, Jinni,
Angel, Archangel and Seraph
A long discussion brought few conclusions
The temple must be Spheric
the mortal shall recognize the shape of the Soap bubble
at the utmost deep valley of the heart where
the Turquoise emerald and dark green evergreen
gives freshness to the entire being
At the place turned toward the Sun
in exact proportion symmetrically
at the top of the basement; 
The Oceanic one
called Benthos
Huge crystalline table elliptic shape shall be filled
with nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs,
numbers, spheres, pyramids and all pots
terracotta porcelain diamond goblets with
crystallized dews of Pleroma
thus it shall all resemble the constellation
of all imaginable, semi-imaginable
and unimaginable universes
when the Souls of all sorts come by
to offer their quintessence at the front
of this Altar nothing but Love Divine  shall
unfurl its texture from  the role of the Universe
 …for God knows from how many flowers bee has taken the nectar to produce a lump of honey

How did you discover the Sufi World?
I was born as European Muslim inheriting a Sufi Tradition from my Family and its Spiritual Development in this realm. As for my education and refine I have studied from the World Spiritual Heritage and in particular a Transcendental Legacy and Treasures finding the Beauty of Mankind in all this palette of Diversity of the same reality. I do promote the Unity in Diversity.
My aim as artist is to offer a Spiritual Love through Poetry and Painting/ Calligraphy, to the entire Mankind and promote this value we all have to rejoice.

Mr. Shehu, how do you balance Painting/ Calligraphy with Poetry?
Through contemplation, no Force no Action, Being. I work simultaneously in several works of Art. Depends which Creative Impulse prevails.

How do you transfer your spiritual insights into poetry?

Writing the muttered word the swallowed one... Often I say: We lack Terrestrial Vocabulary for the Celestial Quest. Indeed a difficult process. I write as I’m silent, as I speak to myself. No confessions, no Psychiatrist, My self the Remembrance of Self the Gurdijjeff-ian Remembrance of Self. Cognitive process for spiritual insights and those last then outpouring either into canvas or paper.

Does Love for Poetry means to you a Love for Mankind?

If I’m allowed to be greedy and possessive because everybody says my World, my Country, my Nation my this my that etc., then I say my China is not the one of Mao but Laou Tse, my India is not of Jaina Taycoons but one of Mahawir, Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, my Spain is not of Inquisition but the Spain of Cervantes, Miro, Ibn Arabi, Maimonides, Averroes, my Romania is not of Nicolae CeauČ™escu  but Romania of Mircea Eliade and Mihai Eminescu, My Iraq is not of Sadam Hussein but of Babylon, Nineveh, and Rabia Al Adewiyya, thus and yes my World is the one of Mother Teresa all embracing one.

What is your experience with poetry festival?

A) As an organizer of ”Poetry and Wine” Literary Festival
B) As a participant to other poetry festivals
As an organizer I think in two categories, one as Poet and another as Facilitator. As poet surely I did not read but was able to see people for the first time and people who never knew each other before had the opportunity to meet, exchange books, and collaborate in the future. As a facilitator to other poets a gatherings such as festivals are huge responsibility and exhaustive, yet the pleasure remains and continues. As an organizer you should understand that it is pretty huge burden but the felling of responsibility and strengthening the relationships, unification with others, new contacts, contribution to the World Literary scene, this also means economic growth for the particular area. In such events there’s no losers, everybody gains physically, artistically and spiritually.
Poetry Festivals have broadened not only my experience as poet in terms of getting to know directly from the reading of the others, their perspectives, their trends etc., they are also helpful in creation of Human and Artistic Bonds.

What experience have you gained from such literary exposures?
It all depends how much you impede seriously, how much effort and dedication, how much you are open to others. My experience is always incredible. I love Earth, I love every country and I wish to visit all countries. And every poet brings some distinction from her/his culture and heritage. The real magic happens in follow up after everything is gone. Communication afterwards, collaboration, book exchange etc.

What do you know about KIBATEK in general? Have you heard about this Literary Foundation before or just recently?
I have heard of KIBATEK earlier as I was invited some years ago in Izmir, Turkey but could not attend due to personal justified reasons. I have also been invited by respected Leyla Isik to attend in Italy but it was amidst my Festival so I again could not attend and contribute. I really look forward the upcoming edition.

What are you expectations in relation of KIBATEK 40 Global Poetry Festival?
I am looking forward to get to know other people, their work, contribute to the festival with debate and active participation.

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