Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Poem "The Autumn of Our Spring" - Written by Anca Mihaela Bruma

   The Autumn of Our Spring

My autumnal words fell on the sidewalk of Love!
You looked like Autumn… I behaved like Spring…
I found you when I had lost you,
in this autumn...  of our spring.

I re-arranged my rustic colors
so Love will gain a new anthem
with fluid steps and no numb regrets,
forgotten overdue epiphanies,
lost stolen rainbows
and red echoes with tangerine taste.

In this autumn of our spring
with its golden trail and acoustic wings
the season paints its words as a grand finale
while your leaves whisper secrets to the World
and a puff of wind lingers our photographic memories
as journals left and long forgotten on the path’s end.

A stolen cry, a remembered loss of innocence,
as my desires hung on Sun’s shoulder,
I see a repainted canvas of us
with cycled memories on the hills’ canopy.

How sensual this autumn is!
Spiraling its space… tumbling its distance,
prolonged myself by flaming orange leaves.

During this autumn of our spring
my World turned into a September embrace,
October tinted your presence
with blossoming hues of green-orange undertones.

A dreamy dream… an autumnal fugue,
during lost Summer epopee,
and I breathed… with November pulse.

My soul’s crimson is ambered and rubied
and I feel… autumned…
I left my cinnamon spice to learn more about your beauty,
the citrine embers of your eyes under the raindrops,
watched the cosmic dance on your skin, a whisper in time,
my temple of words still carry a forgotten white procession.

And love again… and again… dawns upon my future self
with rain scented winds, thrumming my life in your heart…

Words still scream the nuances of your disappearances
Sailing across my punctuated flight…
Of so much yearning… I have sharpened more wings…

In this autumn of our spring, I will stumble no more
behind your voice… as Life cannot be sung half!...

A stolen cry… a remembered loss of innocence,
and I have learned how to die… by living!...

(Anca Mihaela Bruma - 1st December 2015)

Copyright (c) 2015 by Anca Mihaela Bruma, All Rights Reserved, except the right to forward and to share with friends - with credit - which is held to be a good idea and is thus encouraged.

“The Autumn of Our Spring” poem emphasizes the main theme of change and challenge: creative change, spiritual change and relational transformation.

I use my lyrical writings as a poetic guidance, a longing for a more meaningful life, a renewed relationship with the Divine. This poem presents the seasons of life and passage of Time, a spiritual adventure where the highest understanding of Unity is the key. The writing radiates a secret timeless knowledge about Mystery of cyclical change, the interconnection and fusion in the same time between Life and Death, the inner turmoil during this spiritual “adventure” and its revelations, explored with complex and laconic elegance. It is highly evocative write, reflecting deeply on the challenges of Life, providing spiritual solace that transcends the traditional understanding; a longing for meaning, for metamorphosis of Life, Love, of your own Being (“Every step is birth, every step is death.” Hermann Hesse).

Moments of fervent passion alternates with period of unbearable loneliness inside this poem and the poetess uses nature as a canvas for her psyche and emotions’ projection, in order to find a greater understanding and love within herself. Sacred love and wisdom is unfolded by the healing rhythms of the Nature together with the universal law of the Universe: Death and re-Birth.

The theme of futility and impermanence is symbolized by the autumn season, where nature is changing, nothing lasts forever, everything is ripe, mature, fulfilled, requiring her to reconcile with herself, to harvest a lifetime of learning, to get that sense of fulfillment and richness, letting go and releasing things which serve her purpose no more. A deep, penetrating emotion of melancholy on an autumnal canvas is presented with its roots from pain underlining the very fact the suffering engages her with Life differently, deeply, acutely, totally, an opportunity to go beyond the surface of her own Life and learning about her own Self and the inner purpose of all things, the need to balance the light and darkness within herself, living with or without it.

Despite strong touch of melancholia inside the poem, the end is purely motivational, stating hope, a re-awakening call based on the well known Sufi core belief “die before you die” (fana), “and I have learned how to die… by living” (Anca), were annihilation of Ego and total surrender is expected. The moment you stop fearing death is the moment when truly Life can take over you, liberated from attachments and identifications that create sufferings. It is a complete aware living, where you can experience more shades and aspects of Love and Life.

“The autumn of our spring” expression means allowing Wisdom to spring inside yourself over and over again, newly flavoured, anew seasoned, continuously and ceaselessly rejuvenated!

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